Pottermore: An Inside Look

Just when Harry Potter fans were losing hope that their beloved world would be coming to a close once the final movie premiered, J.K. Rowling made an extremely exciting announcement: Pottermore would soon be coming our way. Many of us were undoubtedly excited by this announcement, yet all wondered…what exactly is Pottermore?

As it turns out, Pottermore is a new website—an interactive map that takes you through the magical books once more.  A lucky one million people have been allowed to enter the Beta version of Pottermore to test the waters…and, as one of those people, let me tell you: it is no disappointment.

After finding “the magical quill” in order to be accepted into Pottermore, I finally received the email letting me register for an account. Each of the million people registered is given a username—for example, MoonstoneNiffler24.  Once finally registered, a user is able to journey through the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  Every chapter has been divided into illustrated and interactive sections.  The most exciting parts include “Diagon Alley,” where the user is able to buy school supplies (including their very own wand!) for their upcoming year at Hogwarts, and “The Sorting Hat,” where each person is put in their house. Each of these parts involved a small questionnaire that determined the outcome of our wands and houses.  For example, I was given a “Sycamore with Unicorn core, eleven inches, surprisingly swishy” wand and placed into…Ravenclaw.  I must say that I did hope to be placed in Gryffindor, but Ravenclaw is certainly warming up to me. Besides, it doesn’t hurt that we are leading in House Points…

It is after these two things are determined that the real fun of Pottermore begins—members are able to duel one another and brew spells for House Points. In addition, as we voyage through the somewhat quiet yet beautifully decorated chapters, we can collect items to be placed into our trunks.

At this point in time, Pottermore has been a truly magical and enchanting experience. I could go on for ages about how fantastic it is, but I still must say…it’s not perfect. Presently, it is certainly in need of some polishing.  For example, it is almost too popular—the server is so busy that not everyone is able to access the website.  Another issue that seems to be universally agreed upon by every Pottermore member: it is just too quiet! The addition of music or sound effects would be an incomparable difference.

Regardless of its little issues, it is still just as exciting and charming. I have been able to literally be a part of the “world of Harry Potter” and like so many others, been able to discover background stories for some of our favorite characters and places.  I simply cannot wait for the next books to be unveiled and of course, the official version to be completed and open to every single one of us Muggles.


  1. “Every single one of us Muggles.”
    Who are you calling a Muggle? My father will hear about this…

  2. Harry Potter says:

    Shut your mouth, Malfoy.

  3. Your real father was killed, Malfoy. Lucius was only a fake. (AVPS)

  4. Malfoy, I’M your father.

  5. Draco Malfoy says:

    Luckily next year I’ll be transferred to Pigfarts…

  6. Ron Weasly says:

    Take Granger with you because every time I see her I get these pains in my chest, and I know it’s all her fault. That DOG!”

  7. Marie McDonough says:

    Uh-oh. I’ve seen this before. Next is the sing-along. Starkids, ATTACK!
    *begins humming Granger Danger*

  8. Draco Malfoy says:

    What? What the hell is this?
    You expect me to sing about her?

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