Debates? What are those?

January 29th was a very special time for students at UHS. The AP Government debates took place in our very own auditorium. A very extravagant, elaborate, and fast paced event to follow. It was required of seniors and juniors to understand what specifically was happening during the town hall meetings, press conferences, and on stage at the debates. Sophomores had seen all of this play out at last years debates and understood in general what was going on. On the other hand, freshmen were discombobulated; they had a hard time trying to grasp the entire concept of the parties along with there intricate platforms and propaganda.
Each party’s propaganda was beautifully constructed, but what did it all mean? After the debates, Ms. Glass’s 4th period honors freshmen english class took a vote for who they believe should win the mock elections. Their votes were purely based on each parties ability to execute their ideas. Freshmen had no real understanding of what each party stood for, seeing as the parties are usually very similar with their proposals. The young and confused class of 2017 was surprised at how well each party performed and were able to stay calm under so much pressure. Ultimately, after the class’s votes were counted, the top parties were those who were able to portray confidence and sass on  stage. Surprisingly, the unknowing freshmen in Ms. Glass’s 4th period agreed with the junior class, casting their votes for Party of the Ages and Party Light.
The similar views of the parties makes distinguishing a party’s differences a challenge. It seems that because of this, the real game changer is your party’s actions on stage. The results of the debates confirmed this as Party of the Ages and Party Light came out on top, tying for the first time in UHS senior debates history at 50 votes each. The degree to which people have been informed on platforms appears to have little effect on how they vote. Some crucial advice to next year’s seniors might be they way your party preforms, debates, and represents itself through propaganda is a big factor in who wins the mock elections.
Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 University High School Senior Debates: Party of the Ages and Party Light.

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