Taking the PSAT

by Vincent Pan

Taking the PSAT

Easing into the metal chair

You grab your wooden number two pencil

Wheezing to get some more air

Your calm is your most important utencil


A bead of worry makes you sweat

Each bad thought just makes you fret

A seed of stress stalks your mind

Until it’s time to leave it behind


Focus on the paper

Focus on the test

Not on the time

Or on the next

Class that you will go to

the lunch that your craving

that guy that ignores you

who pretends not to know you


Look at the 30 pieces of paper

Solve all the questions

You can’t just worry about this later

Focus on the sections


Put aside all your worries

Into a forgotten crevice

Push and glide all your hurries

But don’t get too reckless


Take the test

And do your best

Worry less

And you’ll impress

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