#tbt: Halloween Edition

#tbt to when UHS teachers had the cutest Halloween costumes! Can you guess who is who? (Answers below.)


1. Mr. Bauer in his seafaring days.

2. Ms. Sheets as a perfect princess.

3. #tbt, Ms. Cislak!

4. Mr. Schmidt as The Flash

5. Mr. Schmidt and friends

6. Mr. Schmidt

7. It’s a bird, it’s a plane– it’s a young Mr. Laz as Superman about to go trick-or-treating with his baby sister!

8. Mr. Laz and his sister.

9. Mr. Laz as “Batman-Mr. T”

10. Mr. Schmidt

11. #tbt, Ms. Dominguez!

12. Mrs. Montano clowning around.

13. Mrs. Montano will put a spell on you!

14. Fairy godmother Mrs. Montano will make all of your dreams come true.

15. Mrs. Montano likes economics… AND JUSTICE.

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