AP World or AP Euro?


Since us freshmen have to decide which history class to take as sophomores this week, I decided to get the perspectives of some upperclassmen that have already taken the classes and some sophomores that are currently taking the class.

 I asked each person which history class they recommend and why:

Personally, I’m starting to lean towards Euro, but I hope this helped some of you guys that are still making the decision!


  1. Johnathan Whisenant says:

    I took AP Euro and was even involved in helping Ms. Tully create the schedule and projects for this year. I love history and went to a couple after school review lectures that Ms. Sheets had at the end of my sophomore year. Both classes have excellent teachers and great pros. I, of course, favor Euro. AP European history is fun because you get to go into depth of each country and find out why the world is the way it is. Many argue that Europe is racist altogether but there are so many cultures within Europe; there are so many ideologies and so many individuals that influenced so much. World is great too because of all of the view points and the ideas; however, I found that students that take Euro get attached to certain topics, certain people and certain events at a high rate. Euro students are truly passionate about what they learn (I’m not saying that world students aren’t). Ms. Tully, herself, tries to take every student’s learning style into account when she creates the course and so there are things to enjoy for every type of student. There is a good amount of work but it is consistent and, personally, it helped me get used to staying on track as far as homework goes. Lastly, AP European history goes right into APUSH, not in just content but in essay structure as well. Which ever route you take, you are guaranteed a great course and I hope that you are open to what these courses and teachers can award you through your own work and determination.

  2. Just take the class that interests you the most- there may be differences in course material but either way, you’ll be taking an AP course. Don’t choose the class based on which one you’re told is easier because as you may have realized, the sophomores are pretty split on that issue. Currently, I am in Euro and I love it and my brother is in World and he loves it. Do what you think will be more captivating to you and don’t let the name of the teacher or rumors change your mind.

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