2014 In Review

By Joanna Galons

  1. Wedding Bells and Engagement Rings:

Even before I came to this school, I knew that Mr. Laz and Ms. Hamilton were going to get married. Since we all adore both teachers respectively, it’s needless to say that it was a huge thing for us students. And then in early 2014, both Mr. Laz and Ms. Hamilton were married. Of course we were all ecstatically happy for them, but they were not the only ones. Our AP Euro teacher Ms. Tully was also engaged and wed in close range to the Lazilton couple. And of course, both the fabulous Ms. Sheets and Mr. Barnett have been engaged to the lucky guy or lady whom they met in high school.

Saved By The Wedding Bells:

Have fun checking it out!


  1. Hello Dolly! turns choir students into band kids.

The production of Hello Dolly this year was announced to the public since at least September. And when the musical finally came out, it was a happy success for everyone who went to watch. It was practically a complete showcase of all the fine arts offered at the school. This event only happens every other year, and it was more than we could’ve hoped for, even with the omnipresent complaining of those involved, concerning long rehearsal times.

During this time period, many members of the Perspective were dispatched to find some information on the upcoming performance. This resulted in many articles being released about the topic.


  1. Mock Trial Hits Nationals

One of the teams of the competing school club Mock Trial managed to make their way to nationals in Wisconsin. The members included Eric Zheng, Natalie Trouard, Stephanie Liu, Jessica Lehman, Katie Bell, Austin Kline, Mack Andrews, and Madison Dodge, and they won 5th place! These are the kind of kids my parents wish I was.

On top of the winners, there were so many others groups that went to compete. You are all likely to have at least one awesome friend in this awesome program. Well done guys!


  1. New Staff!

When I saw an unfamiliar name on my schedule for English Class ‘Bennett’, I was confused. When I asked a freshmen to reveal the identity of their math teacher and their response was “Bauer”, I was perplexed. When I heard names like ‘Dickinson’ and ‘Volkening’ passed around, I was confounded. It is almost as though half the staff we know today wasn’t here last year. It’s a strange change, but it should be reminding all of us how quickly this school is growing.

In fact, according to a recent review of a student council meeting, the school is obtaining an even larger class of freshmen next year than this year.

Here are some examples of “New Teacher Features” that took place:


  1. Party Light to Last the Ages

Last year’s election ended up with a tie between two greater parties. Although Party Illuminati was not behind, it did not quite the meet the marks. The party elections are one of the elaborate projects done in… well any high school. It takes hours of work and the collaboration of many students. The result is one of the best political debates we have the privilege to see. But this tie serves as a reminder that voting for any side is better than not voting at all.

This year, UHS has four wonderful parties in line for competition—good luck, seniors! Here are some articles to prep you for what’s coming up this year:


  1. Goodbye to two wonderful educators.

Unfortunately last year we had to watch two teachers retire from their positions at UHS. These two teachers were acknowledged at last years’ honor assembly: art teacher Mrs. Roediger and English teacher Mr. Nelson were both great members of the staff, and though we have many new, wonderful teachers, each staff member leaving is still a loss. We’d like to thank them for their work and wish them great luck in their post-UHS lives.


  1. Bra Strap Thursday

With Facebook and twitter, you won’t believe how easy it is to instigate a protest of any means. Bra Strap Thursday was an essential feminist protest by several female students against the dress code of TUSD. Where a bra strap can land a detention is a territory that many people are hoping that will soon no longer exist. Whether or not you participated or noticed, more protest could still have important impacts on student lives.

Of course, some believe that nothing should be changed. But the numbers are coming closer together. Maybe one day we will see the change that we fought for on Bra Strap Thursday.


A Memorial

During the course of 2014, our school was also forced to make a couple of farewells to members of the campus who passed away. Chance Allison was a senior during last year’s class of 2015. And we all remember Mr. John Shadonix, our late P.E. teacher. We miss them both and the impact they had on the school was felt by many students and teachers alike. We will always miss them and remember them.

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