More Than Just Coding: The UHS Programming Club


We recently interviewed some of the UHS Programming Club’s leaders to find out more about what is happening behind the computer screens of T4.

Q: Why was this club founded?

A: Joey Hengemuehler, near the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, founded the club. The rationale behind this, I could not say, but it did have to do with the fact that we were taking Mr. Herring’s FIT class.

Q: What does Programming Club do?

A: The club’s purpose is to support and foster a community of coders. We also have lectures from alumni and employees that are involved in the tech sector.

Q: Who leads the activities of this club?

A: We have four co-leaders who all take turns leading our activities, lectures, and meetings: Tanner Reese (’19), Unique Ratliff (’17), Aliyah Hernandez (’19), Joey Hengemuehl (’19).

Q: Is this club open to students of all programming skill levels?

A: Yes! We have members who are in the AP computer science class, the FIT (fundamental information technology) class, and people who have just “dragged a file once.” We are open to anyone of any skill level!

Q: When/where does this club meet?

A: We meet on Friday after school until 4:20 in T-4.


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