UHS Students Give Back, One Bead at a Time

Perspective writers Karina Jolly and Mara Harwin sat down with Emma Gould, the president and founder of the Beads of Courage club, to learn more about the club’s mission and goals.

Q: When was the Beads of Courage club created?

A: The Beads of Courage Club was created at the beginning of my junior year, in the fall of 2015. With the help of Mr. Dukes, then club sponsor, I was lucky enough to have such a smooth start.

Q: Did you create the club?

A: Yes, I did. I wanted to create a club that was productive and caring, allowing all members to feel positive and accepted while helping others and the community.

Q: How did you first get involved with Beads of Courage?

A: I was lucky enough to get a job at Beads of Courage over the summer in 2015 as a student intern. The more I worked with the organization the more I realized just how important their message is. I wanted to do whatever I could to help spread the Beads of Courage message. Bringing it to UHS seemed like the perfect idea!

Q: What is the purpose of the club and what do you do during your meetings?

A: The main purpose of the club is to assist Beads of Courage in any way we can; any volunteer work is greatly appreciated. In practice, you can usually find our club, once or twice a week, packaging program beads during lunch. These packaged beads are then taken to headquarters, off Dodge and Fort Lowell, and processed to be ship to hospital across the nation and world. Beads of Courage is an international organization, so the beads we package at UHS could be sent to a hospital in Japan. Thinking about the global impact of what we do in the club is extremely humbling.

Q: How is the club involved with the Beads of Courage organization and the community?

A: As I explained a little before, the club packages beads directly for the organization. Anything we do is in direct contact with Beads of Courage. As for being involved with the community, the club has opportunities to volunteer at Beads of Courage events all across Tucson during the weekends. Just a few weeks ago our Vice President, Elizabeth Estrella, lead over 10 club members at the All Souls Procession downtown. Each member walked in remembrance of a child who passed over the past year from the Beads of Courage program.

Q: What happens to the beads that you package?

A: The beads that we package during meetings are brought to Beads of Courage headquarters, and then processed and shipped to hospitals all around the world. Those beads are then given to children in the program, each representing a unique and specific moment in their treatment journey, signifying their courage and strength.


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