RUHS’ Ecology Club Receiving a Well-Deserved Grant


RUHS’s Ecology Club recently received a grant worth $9,800 from the Fish and Wildlife Organization, so I had a chat with Lucy Bittner and Rachel Sinex, Ecology Club’s very own VP and secretary, to learn more.

Lucy and Rachel began by telling me all of the amazing things the grant is going to be used for, including funding for wildlife research, habitat restoration, garden upkeep, as well as possibly bee boxes and bird baths. They have also received grants from the UHS School Council to purchase smaller things such as seeds for the school’s garden.

In addition to the lovely garden Ecology Club has been growing, they are also vermi-composting, which essentially uses worms, newspaper strips, and other materials. Rosita Malusa, another member of Ecology Club, added that the “worm buckets” were her favorite part of the club.

I also learned about some of the future plans Ecology Club has, ranging from developing a monarch butterfly weigh station with the Desert Museum, to partnering with the University of Arizona to research plant growth under solar panels.

Some of the club’s leaders discussed their overall goals:

Rachel: “We just want to create a space for people to relax and get a break from the rigorous academic life of UHS while also being encouraged to participate in ecology and the natural sciences.”

Lucy: “It’s especially important at this current time to get young people involved in the environment because unless we take care of it, nobody else will. If people with more authority won’t take it upon themselves to do something, then we will.”

Be sure to check out and admire the club’s beautiful garden and in-the-works projects soon!

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  1. Michael S. says:

    This is awesome. Congrats!

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