UHS Model UN Leaves AZ MUN with Four New Awards

If you have ever seen the sign in the basement that reads “Czech us out,” you’ve heard of Model United Nations–but maybe you don’t know what it’s all about.

Model United Nations (MUN) is much more than just some club in the basement. MUN is a club where you can debate as members of the United Nations about current, real world issues such as women’s rights or refugee crises. MUN members also participate in various regional competitions such as Bruin MUN, AZ MUN, or Stanford MUN.

This year, UHS’ very own club won best school at AZ MUN and brought home three individual awards: Sarah Alvarez won a gavel (award) in the Refugee Crisis Committee debating as the refugee chair, Kayla Chandler won a gavel in the General Assembly debating as Iran, and Lillian Clarke won honorable delegate, or third place, in UNEP debating as the Dominican Republic.

Club President Morgan Wallace congratulated everyone on working so hard to prepare for the competition, saying, “it was a joy to see everyone grow and develop as debaters.”

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