RUHS Color Guard Has Another Dazzling Season!

From left to right, RUHS Black, Purple and White teams

Color guard is more than just elegant dance moves and complicated flag tosses. It is a highly competitive activity, and the RUHS teams excel at it. This year, they had another amazing season, including another state title and their first trip to World Championships. The Perspective sat down with Delaney Nowlan, a senior on the Purple team to learn more about their impressive season.

Q: How many color guard teams are they? How big are the teams?

A: We have three RUHS teams: Purple, Black and White. Each team has about twenty members.


Q: What division are you in?

A: Both Purple and Black are in Scholastic A, which is third-highest division.


Q: How many competitions did you compete in?

A: Purple competed in nine competitions.


Q: How did the teams do at state?

A: Purple won the state competition, Black got fifth, and White got sixth.



RUHS Purple at Regionals in Las Vegas


Q: How did you do at World Championships in Dayton?

A: Purple got 35th out of 134.

Q: What was the best part of Worlds?

A: I loved watching guards from around the world! They are so amazing and changed the way that we view a color guard.

RUHS Purple Team about to go onstage at World Championships in Dayton.

Q: Did you have a favorite show that you saw?

A: There were so many! Black Gold did a tribute to the victims of the shooting at Pulse in Orlando, which made us cry every time. Aimanchi’s show was amazing because they used batons. Onyx’s show was a French burlesque show, which goes against every color guard preconception. They cut their silks (the flags) during the show and danced in red heels.


Q: What are you most proud of this year?

A: I am proud to be part of the first color guard from Tucson in appear in the WGI World Championships in Dayton.

RUHS Purple Team in Dayton, OH for World Championships.

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