Proposal Passed to Look into Getting a New Campus for UHS

On October 3, 2017, in a 3-2 vote, the board ruled in favor of a proposal for a campus switch for University High School to continue.


The board, although divided on the issue, decided to move forward with the idea of getting UHS its own campus. This decision has been in the works since 2003, as Adelita Grijalva, a school board member, mentioned. So, what does this decision mean? Well, it is complicated, but those advocating for a campus switch view it as a light at the end of the tunnel.


Essentially, this decision means that the School Board will continue to discuss the idea of a Campus Switch and will then take action on it in the near-future.


At the end of the last school year, University High’s Site Council, a school organization consisting of teachers, staff, and students, brought a proposal to the School Board for a campus change. The board ruled that Site Council bring a detailed plan on how this campus switch would work. For months, Site Council worked on the said proposal and presented it to the School Board in October.


The proposal was a study composed of many pieces of information including demographics, money-costs, and current issues pertinent to the campus situation. In the presentation, there were three options presented to the board; these options were deemed fit and appropriate to Site Council as a whole for the future of University High School.


Out of the three options, they focused on a move to Catalina High School. It is only around 3 miles away from the current campus and is underpopulated. Critics argue that a mass displacement of students will occur by moving to a new campus and that many of these students will likely not be able to pursue higher education. Catalina High School also has a large refugee population which would undergo tremendous stress if a campus switch were to happen.


When the community call started, many community members were affiliates of University High School; parents, teachers, even students. Many seemed to be in favor of such a move. There were only a few opponents; one was a Catalina High School teacher, who spoke for the school,  which was much more underrepresented than UHS. The teacher reiterated the potential harm in displacing the school. Another woman pointed out how one-sided this whole proposal was and how unfair it seemed that Catalina had no real say in this move.


Speaking to a couple members of Site Council, it was learned that they had reached out to Catalina in the past and that they were well-informed on what the meeting was about.


With this potential campus switch looming in the air, further updates will come as to what is going on with the proposal.

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