Mock Election 2018: Party Leaders

Last week, all of the AP US Government & Politics classes kicked off the Senior Debates with the election of their party leaders. Listed below are the appointed representatives of each period:


Period 1

Party Chair: Mara Boiangiu

President: Deja Foxx

Vice President: Jahaziel Felix

Domestic Chair: Celyn Jacobs

Foreign Chair: Corryn Barter


Period 2

Party Chair: Katie DeVore

President: Kim Vance

Vice President: Kelsey Kerley

Domestic Chair: Ames Stevens

Foreign Chair: Lilly Clark


Period 3

Party Chair: Sophia Lewandrowski

President: Zaniel Rodriguez

Vice President: Kyle Haynes

Domestic Chair: Lila Frenkel

Foreign Chair: Dylan Gardner


Period 4

Party Chair: Marina Martinez

President: Enrique Garcia

Vice President: Makenna Aitken

Domestic Chair: JD Winger

Foreign Chair: Luz Martinez


Period 5

Party Chair: Noel Muluneh

President: Lee Costich

Vice President: Stephen Mikitish

Domestic Chair: Katherine Ciaramello

Foreign Chair: Sophia Rightmer


Stay tuned for more mock election coverage, including party names and propaganda!


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