Mock Election 2018: Party Express

As we head into the Senior Class Debates, each party has been working hard to catch the vote of juniors and impress us all with their interactive propaganda and unique platforms. I decided to take a closer look into Party Express to find out what their party is up to and find out more details relating to their name, platform and work ethic. Don’t forget to tune into the debates tomorrow and juniors, don’t forget to vote!

 Why did your party choose the name “Express”? How does it encompass your platforms and what you stand for? 

We saw the symbolism in the word express to encompass both the innovation and acceptance we believe our country needs. We stand for trying new solutions that step away from the current approaches which we have seen as largely unsuccessful. We believe that everyone in America has the right to express themselves and we want to give them the opportunity. We tried to create a platform and policies that reflect that.

What are five adjectives that describe your party? 





Expressive 😉

How has your experience been as a party leader? What have you learned?

 It has been stressful but rewarding in many ways. I have learned so much about the world and current issues in today’s society. I have learned that there never is truly a right answer that every issue has many sides that must be considered. I also learned how difficult it is for the government to create real change with all the hoops they must leap through.

What had been the most difficult part of your journey as a party? The most fun? 

 I think the most difficult part was creating policies that worked cohesively, addressed all the issues, and we have the money in our budget to implement. Getting all those things to balance was quite a struggle. The most fun was when we finally got to present our platform to the juniors and got to see how all our hard work was paying off.

What is your favorite(s) piece(s) of legislation in your platform? 

My favorite piece of legislation is our DESTINation plan which is our detailed plan to transition to open borders. It is a thorough plan that will bring our country unprecedented growth and success. Additionally, our plan for North Korean relations of opening up trade, something our nation has never done is really innovative and we truly believe it is the best policy to deal with the growing threat they pose while not shutting off their people from help.

What do you expect to see on debate day? 

 We expect to see all of the handwork payoff and competitive debate with all the amazing speakers we have this year. Our policies are going to shine through as innovative and well thought out and we think they will go over well with the junior class.

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