Mock Election 2018: Party Gold

In anticipation of UHS’s famous Mock Election, I sat down with Party Chair Mara Boiangiu, President Deja Foxx, Vice President Jahaziel Felix, Foreign Chair Corryn Barter, and Domestic Chair Celyn Jacobs from the 1st Period Government class, Party Gold, to get to know them, their platform, and their party a little better.

Question 1: What are the origins of your party’s name?

Mara quickly answered, stating that “basically we had multiple options”. She went on to explain that the party had originally been named Dawn, yet after a series of online polls and discussions, that name was quickly shot down.

The polls revealed three final contenders for party name: Storm, Olympus, and Gold. Corryn and Jahaziel chimed in, revealing their original affinities for Olympus and Storm respectively, while Deja asserted that she had been a Gold supporter all along. However, all of the party leaders admitted that after the name Gold had been chosen, they had quickly adjusted and “everyone started to go for gold towards the end!”

Question 2: Pick three words to describe your party.

Right after I asked the question, all five party leaders jumped right in and began listing off suggestions. The discussion took a long time to reach a consensus, with suggestions such as equity, equality, diverse, compatibility, laughing, basset hounds, and empowering made. Finally, the group decided on “empowering, diverse, and equal”. Deja told me, “I think, as a group, we’re are very diverse. We’re very different people, but at the end of the day, our leadership styles are pretty compatible and our views too.”

Question 3: What sets your party apart?

Jahaziel immediately asserted, “We advocate for underrepresented groups.” Adding on to this Mara proclaimed, “We are already known for being the one who advocates for equality—the human part of it. There [are] all sorts of people, all sorts of backgrounds: race, gender, and ethnicity. We seek to fit to everyone.”

On what distinguishes her party from the others, Deja stated, “We have leaders from very diverse backgrounds that you don’t see represented in the other parties. Although they have people in their classes…not every party brought those people and those diverse perspectives to the front of their party, but at ours, the front of our party and the people making the decisions are of diverse groups. I think our experiences, being so different from one another, has created a platform that really represents the whole of what is the American experience.”

Corryn remarked on her experience as a party leader as being one of learning, stating, “We aren’t just thinking about one side of everything. I learned a lot more that I didn’t understand, coming from my socioeconomic background and experiences and by being with my party leaders. You get the full perspective.”

Deja summed up with a statement that “Our policies are always evolving to be sure that we’re representing everyone, and we’re doing it in a way that is intentionally inclusive of each of our backgrounds. Our platform has the most passion and the most at stake, because the leaders writing it had the most at stake.”

Question 4: What policies do you want people to know about?

Deja: “I am proud of the mass incarceration policy and our abortion policy in combination with our healthcare policy that makes abortion accessible for every single woman in America.”

Jahaziel: “A policy that I’m very passionate about is our education policy. Considering that many other parties failed to look upon disadvantages that minorities and low-income students face in our public schooling system, that’s something that we strive to combat in our public education system.”

Celyn: “A lot of people have objected to our gun policy, but I think our gun policy…is the primary thing that differentiates us from all of the other parties because we really went for the source of gun violence in the United States.”

Overall, I had a great time talking to Party Gold’s leaders. As Mara stated, it was clear to see that there was a “soul behind [their] policy”. I wish the best of luck to Party Gold and all of the other parties as the debates grow closer.

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