Mock Election 2018: Party Wave

The Perspective is excited to introduce Marina Martinez as Senior Party Chair of 4th period Gov. In a recent interview, this is what Ms. Martinez had to say about Party Wave:

1. What are the origins of your party name?
Party Wave stemmed from this idea that we really wanted something that would resonate with our audience, something that seemed strong. We chose Wave because we knew that it was a name that conveyed power in numbers, a name that was universal, a name that meant something to everyone across the globe.

2. Pick 3 words to describe your party: 

Our party can definitely be described as strong, innovative, and unique.

3. What do you want people to know about your party?

I want people to know that above all we are advocates for all, regardless of their backgrounds, regardless of their beliefs. We believe that every individual possesses an important quality to offer to our nation. We come in because it’s our job to educate, to empower, and to ultimately support each person’s ability to become a facet of a powerful wave of change.

4. What sets your party apart from others?

Our party is unique because we hold change through innovation above all. Whether through our future focused education policies, our plans for military reform, our assistance to nations overseas, our recognition of the importance infrastructure holds, we stand to create a positive global climate for all involved by breaking through the status quo.

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