2010-2011 Staff

Contributors from the 2010-2011 School Year
Amita Gupta, Editor
Class of 2011
Laura Van Slyke, Editor
Class of 2011
Garrett Abeln
Class of 2011
Lauren Berring
Class of 2012I love writing, but what I love even more is the better aspects of pop culture. As a self-diagnosed music and movie addict, I write an “educational” pop culture column for The Perspective. I spend my free time reading books written centuries ago and channel my obsession with movies into a healthy outlet with my column.
Arabella Breck
Class of 2014I love to write. Ever since I was little I loved to write stories. As I grew older, I started to write non-fiction, which got me interested in journalism. I used to write for Bear Essential News, and am very happy to write for the Perspective. Besides writing, I love to dance, act, paint and read Harry Potter.
Lindsey Bressler
Class of 2013I am a slightly frantic sophomore who contemplates my life a little too much when I am asked to write a blurb about myself in three sentences.
Alina Burke
Class of 2013I am a huge nerd. My middle name is tragedy and I’m attractively deprived. I am obsessed with Doctor Who and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I constantly make playlists on my iPod with freakish names like “Apocalyptic Clothing” and “Claire dances while crying in my skitzophrenic mind.” I really like to write, and that’s why I write for the Perspective.
Sandra Casillas
Class of 2011I enjoy reading and running. But, I also enjoy exploring and discovering new ideas. That’s why I write about what’s going on around campus.
Alex Coleman
Class of 2012I enjoy writing feature and news articles because it is what I aspire to do in the career field of journalism. I love to meet new people and I feel that journalism is a good way to do so.
Gabe Cordoba-Hawthorne
Class of 2011I like to write about sports. It’s my first year in the journalism club, but I am very interested in this topic and pursuing it in college.
Nina Foushee
Class of 2011I’ve been writing about New Global Citizens and Key Club. I hope to branch off into op-ed and or focus pieces soon. I’ve been getting into Thomas Friedman and linen pants.
Austin Klein
Class of 2014I’m in the marching band and enjoy playing soccer. I write poems because they’re fun and creative. My favorite kind of poems are the ones that rhyme.
Cara Leverenz
Class of 2013I love drama and animals and people (sometimes) so I go out and meet all you people through our awesome video diaries.
Catie Liu
Class of 2014
Samantha Lund
Class of 2012Journalism is my goal, tennis is my hobby and I hope to change the world someday. My articles are dedicated to everyone.
Katie Marascio
Class of 2011I’m a Leo, and I like holding hands and long walks on the beach…But not really, because the sand makes me itchy. I’m a senior, and I write a recipe column called Food Is Nice. You can also see this smiling face at Student Activities Board and Culinary Club meetings.
Amelia Marsh
Class of 2013I’m not very clever when it comes to writing blurbs, which is ironic because I like to write. I do supercool modern dance and cross country some times.
Juno McCallum
Class of 2012I’m a reading, knitting, writing nerd. I procrastinate by writing, so writing for journalism is either a good use of my time or a bad idea for my homework. Maybe someday I can figure out how to make my work writing.
Marie McDonough
Class of 2013I write features and short stories for the UHS Perspective. I enjoy creative writing, country music, playing guitar, and obsessing over Harry Potter. Oh, did I say obsessing? I meant reading, I swear.
Olivia Ortiz
Class of 2014My name is Olivia Ortiz. I’m an active athlete and avid reader. I like art, music, and writing, When it comes to the Perspective, I like to write about current events that impact our student body and community.
Meilin Ossanna
Class of 2013I love vanilla cupcakes, dancing, dancing in the rain, having fun with friends, and laughing. I cover the events and video diaries for the UHS Perspective.
Foster Powers
Class of 2011I make ads that appear on the site.
Amy Ramos
Class of 2014I am very spontaneous and love to play sports. I do not plan to be an author here, but a photographer. I love to take pictures of things and people.
Madeline RogersMadeline, also known as Madddie, otherwise known as Walter, is short. When she’s not writing her latest article, which focuses on the movies her father deems as culturally enriching, she’s either fencing down at Arizona Fencing Academy or watching That 70s Show.
Celina Scott-Buechler
Class of 2014I really enjoy having fun at any opportunity. I also love trees and animals and all things natural! I’m really excited to be in the newspaper because I love to write!
Nathan Vita
Class of 2011I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee. My academic interests are Economics and Psychology.
Karen Wang
Class of 2013Writing is my hobby and poetry is my passion. Newspaper interests me, especially for the future. I love horses and running and reading tragedies, which make me laugh.
Mozelle Weine
Class of 2012My name is Mozelle Weine. I’m a senior. My big passion is writing and I always have an opinion, so writing for the Perspective is pretty perfect.
Samuel Williams
Class of 2012I write Op-Ed articles and Site Council summaries. I am a member of Site Council and Jazz Band.
Lucia Wrenn
Class of 2013I am writing this while being distracted by Alina Burke’s humming. I am wholeheartedely trying to sound normal and I write random things with no correlation. Also, Barney Stinson is amazing.

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