2013-2014 Staff



Lena Blackmon (’15)

Catie Liu (’14)

Yasmeen Chanes (’15)

Embodying the perfect balance of sass and class, the editors’ favorite pastimes include editing and sassing Mr. Herring. When they’re not doing either of those things, the editors enjoy harassing people to read The Perspective and trying to understand how to use WordPress technology. They may be collectively referred to as “the sass squad.”

herring staff page

Mr. Herring
More sassy than classy, Mr. Herring loves cats, making snarky comments, and insisting that the color of the Perspective site is orange. He is fondly known by the Perspective editors as “Grumps” and “Sassmaster” for his world-renowned Grumpy Cat face and frequent and often uncontrollable sass attacks, respectively. Most importantly, Mr. Herring is always camera-ready.










Carly Snyder (’14)

IMG_2648 IMG_2647 IMG_2646 IMG_2645 IMG_2642 IMG_2639 IMG_2638








Itai Kreisler (’14)







Hannah Yoon (’15)

I am Hannah Yoon. I take sports pictures. Whoooo.







Hannah Miller (’15)

My name is Hannah Miller and I cover band articles. Yay.







Amanda Arvizu (’15)

My name is Amanda, and I like writing, photography, and dancing.






Leah Stern (’15)

I rewrote this bio about seven times, so basically I am indecisive. I donʼt even know how I feel about writing in general. It depends on the day.






Jayasangeetha Thanikachalam (’16)

Helllllo! My name is Jaya and I LOVE writing for The Perspective. Writing allows me to express my creativity and opinions about the world.






Amanda Wang and Amy Wang (’17)

Our names are Amanda (left) and Amy (right), and we enjoy choreography and dancing.






Amanda Lee (’17)

My name is Amanda Lee. I like cameras and technology and whatnot.


 IMG_3125 IMG_3124 IMG_3123






Adrianna Winkler (’17)







Rachel Levy (’15)








Monica Kiilehua (’15)

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