2015-2016 Staff

The Contributors for the 2015-2016 School Year!

(Left to Right)
Sonia Jolly, Editor

Class of 2016

Jayasangeetha Thanikachalam, Editor
Class of 2016

Noel Muluneh, Editor
Class of 2018

David Herring, Teacher Sponsor
Class of A Long Time Ago
Zoe Holtzman
Class of 2017
“I like swimming, reading old Perspectives, and punny jokes.”
Amy and Amanda Wang
Class of 2017
“You’ve cat to be kitten me write now; writing is claw-some, but not when Mr. Herring’s giving us cat-titude!”
Anupama Sethuraman
Class of 2018
“I enjoy being a part of the Perspective to keep up on all of UHS’s events! Writing is a great way for me to keep my mind active.”
ChetĀ Oreck
Class of 2019
“I play piano and video games and I like memes. I also write about school events.”

Melina Rodriguez
Class of 2018
“My name is Melina, and this is my first year writing for the Perspective!”

Peace Mutwiri
Class of 2017

Rachel Levy
Class of 2016

Vergia Brown
Class of 2018

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